Bright Decay

BRIGHT DECAY is set in the world of Clepsydra, a Solarpunk 2020 where superheroes are more celebrity than necessity. Still, there are crimes to fight and money to make.

Contemporary Fantasy / Superhero / Near-future Sci-fi

Word Count: 90k

POV: Third Person Limited

Aimless teenager Skylar wants nothing to do with the super-powered celebrities that inhabit her world, yet a near-death experience makes her one of them. Her ability to stop time cannot save her from past regrets, though it attracts the attention of all kinds. If she wants a rank among the heroes, she must stop the resurfaced terrorists threatening to burn down everything she knew.

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The World of Bright Decay

The Uncommon Database
Information about all known uncommon humans gathered in one place. Including main characters and minor characters.

Worldbuilding: Ravenmont
Ravenmont is a fictional U.S. state in which the story is set. It is located in the Pacific Midwest.