My Roommate Wants to Kill Me

Day 1 of Moon 5

Dear Diary,

Good job, you’re completely useless. Here I am, hiding inside my room, fearing for my life, and you can’t do anything about it. Not that I expect you to. That would’ve been strange. You’re just a digital file on my computer.

But just in case something happens to me, you are backed up on cyberspace, where I hope the law-keeping authority can use you as evidence against my murderer. There is only one possible suspect.

Stella Sandhill. Human female. My roommate.

She isn’t home right now but I’ll make this quick.

Ever since the first day, my roommate has been acting strange. At first, I thought it’s because she’s human. I’m very open-minded so I already expected there might be some misunderstanding between species.

But this goes beyond that. I’m almost certain my roommate probably wants to kill me.

That sentence doesn’t sound right. Never mind.

So I’ve started attending the Fourth University of Ishtri Prima. 4thU is a good school, and the Prima is in my home system. The diversity program cuts the tuition in half, so I took the chance.

By now we have been rooming together for three moons, and I’m half-convinced that she’s an assassin just waiting for the chance to strike. I didn’t know what in the world did I do to warrant this. Apparently, I’m her target.

I watch a lot of human entertainment, so I know how this goes. She’s under-covering as my roommate; she’s an insane serial killer. Or both.

But she’s also very bad at her job because I’m still alive.

I take plenty of precautions, but I’m not delusional. I could lock my door at night, test my food for poison, and only drink from sealed hydration packs. I make sure to stay on all the public paths while walking to class. Yet, a skilled assassin would be able to murder me without a problem.

My theory so far is that she’s waiting for me to cross a certain line. One wrong strep and she’d have the perfect excuse to kill me. The problem is, I have no idea where the line lies. I just have to be extra careful.

I misread the clock. I have to go to class. Be back soon.

Day 2 of Moon 5

Dropping the “dear diary” because that just sounds stupid. Don’t know why I kept doing it. My first human teacher taught me and it stuck.

To clarify, I have nothing against humans. Many of my friends back on the Green Moon were human. My siblings keep dating humans. I appreciate their culture. I know what humans are like, but my roommate might be an exception.

Day 7 of Moon 5

[Entry 1/3]

Just met with my mentor about the essay revision. Prof is a nice human. He’s polite, though he always wears linen stripe around his neck for no reason. I keep hearing things about him, though. Not good things. That he bought his teaching certificate, but I’m sure that’s just bored students gossiping.

4thU is a prestigious college. My parents almost couldn’t afford it. My family is well-to-do, but there’s only so much they can do when they have twenty children.

The human is munching on something loudly in the kitchen. I don’t want to go out there, but I left my bag out and the revision’s due in three days.

[Entry 2/3]

So I just went out, and the human is pouring some white liquid into a bowl. “What’s that?” I asked her.

“Almond milk,” she said.

“But almond doesn’t produce milk.”

Guess what she said? “It can if you make it to.”

Why did she have to word it like that? I was just gonna ignore what she said. She then said something even stranger.

“Your mentor is wanted in three galaxies.” Probably saw my face, she then added. “Not this one, though. Don’t worry.”

“How did you know?”

“Everyone knows.”

No, they don’t. “Even if it’s true,” I was trying not to anger her by pointing out she’s lying. “I’m sure it’s something minor. Like pirating movies off cyberspace.”

“If you say so.” She went back to eating. I couldn’t stand the noise so I left. It’s like a hive in your ears.

[Entry 3/3]

I was just about to go to sleep, and I heard my roommate went out. She’s always like this. Nocturnal when her species is not. I wonder where she goes every night.

It’s fine, you know. This way I can see her as little as possible.

She sleeps during the day, too. What kind of class is she taking?

It’s not fine because she can murder me in my sleep. She hasn’t done it yet.

Day 9 of Moon 5

I was surprised to run into her when I was back from class. She’s in the living room, putting a rack on the wall. It holds a peculiar, mechanical-looking thing.

“Is that a weapon?” I asked before I could stop myself.

“No.” The same kind of nonchalance.

“What is it, then?”

It’s not a gun. It’s in two parts. One is curvy with a thin string, the other was hanging perpendicularly and contained several similar sticks.

“A recurve bow,” she said. Sensing my blank stare, probably, she added. “I’m on the archery team.”

She left with the bow, putting it in a long bag. She wore all black.

Our school doesn’t have an archery team.

Day 10 of Moon 5

[Entry 1/2]

Called Ren’el and she didn’t appreciate being wakened up. Kept forgetting the relay puts her day behind. Like always, she didn’t give me any solid advice. It’s been that way since we were kids. She never took me seriously.

Just talk to the human, she said.

As if it’s that simple. My roommate literally owns a weapon and it’s hanging in our living room right now. She disappears from time to time, doing god knows what. She eats an exceptional amount of meat, of unknown origins.

Her leg wrappings had blood on them. Not a lot, but to me, they looked like a splatter. Do I sound too calm? I mean there is BLOOD on her clothes!

Ren’el was surprised to hear that I dug through my roommate’s clothes.

Are they piled up in a basket? She asked. That’s where humans put the clothes they wore.

Where would they put the clothes they don’t wear? Why own them if they don’t wear them? I was confused.

Don’t go through her clothes again. Ren’el suggested. The call ended there.

Seems like a bad connection but I can’t afford another call.

[Entry 2/2]

I got a message from Ren’el. She apologized for how the call ended as if it was her fault.

She also said this:

“Many humans don’t like it when you go through their stuff, especially when they aren’t watching you do it. Keep that in mind. She’d probably kill you if she finds out. “

Oh no.

Day 17 of Moon 5

My roommate bought knives. She said she wants to cook because the cafeteria only serves nutrition pastes and eating off-campus is expensive.

The knives don’t make me fear for my life. It’s that she bought lab-grown meat and cut it into quick and tiny pieces, all with scary efficiency.

My roommate is in the—what do you call it, mafia!

“I have my ways.” She was satisfied with herself.

Needless to say, I refused the food she offered even though they filled with a mouth-watering smell. I justified my decision by claiming to be herbivorous by choice—even though my species is omnivorous like humans.

“Sorry, didn’t know you’re vegan.”

Do I look stupid? She separated the food into two containers. The one for me was probably poisoned.

Day 10 of Moon 6

It’s been a while. School has been hectic. Prof was fired three days ago. He had been importing illegal “school supplies”. The news doesn’t shock me but some of my classmates were devastated. We will be getting a new mentor soon, maybe in a few days. We are having study groups until then.

My roommate kept giving me the “I told you so” face.

She started a job at the nearest station, serving earth food. I like earth food, so it was tempting to accept some when she brings leftovers home. I didn’t, of course.

Between her new job and cooking, she starts to act like a normal diurnal creature. I think we might be able to get along well. She still looks at me when she sharpens her knives, but I can ignore that for now.

Day 11 of Moon 6

Just when everything is looking up, I found the most damning evidence. It was unlike her to leave her door open, but I guess she left in a hurry. The knives were still here. The recurve bow was gone.

I decided to venture into her room. My roommate isn’t the neatest person, but her room is more organized than I expected. A lot of her stuff is in container boxes. On her desk are her main screen and a smaller one. The smaller one is glowing with text.

I was mindful of not leaving a trace, so I took a quick picture and escaped back to my room to read.

What I saw is horrifying.

“After you kill all of them, keep going down the ventilation and reach the research room. Some soldiers will be patrolling the lower level so get rid of them quickly. You will encounter two officers but they’ll be sleeping, kill them without rising an alarm.”

No doubt that’s some sort of instruction for infiltration and assassination.

I can also see half of the image at the bottom of the page, which shows a 3D rending of what I’m assuming, a military base. It looks like a space station? The style of the interior, however, is unlike anything I’ve seen.

I sneaked back into her room for a second look. Some wires are attached to the screens. There’s also a palm-sized controller made for human thumbs and fingers.

I don’t know what they mean. Nothing good.

Day 12 of Moon 6

I contacted Ren’el again. She suggested I should calm down. Talk to the human before calling security. I’d much rather talk to the law-keepers than having them studying my dead body.

I’m confronting the human tomorrow. Wish me luck, but first I have to go to the study group.

Day 13 of Moon 6

I was having difficulty focusing on studying last night. To my defense, it’s well justified. Te’kad at my group pointed it out, so we all gave up and went to get food.

A human—I don’t know his name, he’s the one with glass obstacles over his eyes—said there’s a cafe serving decent earth-inspired food.

Needless to say, my luck ensured it’s the same place my roommate works at.

Apparently, she is acquainted with my human classmate. They waved their limbs, and the next thing I knew, she waved at me and expecting me to wave back. I waved back. She said nothing and went to make black caffeine liquid for us.

After feasting, my classmates and I wandered the streets. One of the stores at the station carries 21st-century earth entertainment, according to my human classmate.

The shelves display many plastics with images of humans with guns.

“Humans enjoy this?” I asked him.

He was excitable and explained a lot, all while waving his limbs as he spoke. I’m paraphrasing here: basically, humans enjoy fake killing people.

Day 25 of Moon 6

As you can see, I’m strategically delaying the confrontation with my roommate.

Day 27 of Moon 6

My roommate brought home donuts. They are inside a sealed container. After my success with discovering coffee, I decided to give it a try.

Donuts are sweet and I ate most of them. My limbs were weak and my head heavy. I thought I was poisoned, but my roommate called it “sugar high”. I asked her a lot of questions, none of which I remember now.

Oh, she taught me how to pronounce her names. It sounds strange.

Day 3 of Moon 7

My roommate and I have reached a tentative peace. Keeping me alive outweighs the trouble of killing me.

I’m meeting my new mentor today. I’m considering changing my major to study humans. Or, as my roommate calls it, “anthropology”.

The dictionary didn’t tell me what is “anthropo”. Useless.

A/N: This one is hysterical and I had a lot of fun. Is it connected to CICADA? It is, even though the organization wasn’t name-dropped. In case it was unclear, the Roommate was looking at a video game walkthrough. The game is Wolfenstein: New Order. Comment your thoughts or questions!

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