Quarantine Update

So, the world is in the middle of a pandemic. It feels like a surreal state we are currently in. I’m writing this post to prove I’m still alive, ha.

It’s difficult times, and I’m quarantined in California for a few months now. Tried not to leave the house as much as possible, but the reality wasn’t as ideal.

In May 2020, I had a 3 A.M. trip to the ER and got diagnosed with something serious, but at least it wasn’t coronavirus-related. In June, I had a major surgery and spent the majority of the summer recovering. Now I have a clean bill of health, and got the result back that it wasn’t cancer. All is good now.

I’m too young to die. So many things I have yet to do. Anyway, it feels amazing that I’m still alive–even though we are living in uncertain times. I have decided to stop looking forward to the better future that may or may not come, and learn to appreciate today.

Whatever I’m doing, whether it’s writing, reading, playing too much video games, and watching Netflix, I’m going to enjoy it. Because life is supposed to be enjoyable, and I’ll never again beat myself up for feeling guilty of enjoying it.

My current WIP, Project CAGE (title pending), is going well all things considered. Not sure it will hit the shelf this winter, since I’m only halfway through the novel and I don’t want to rush it. But I will be spending the rest of summer working on it. I’ll try not to get distracted by flashy new projects. Cage the Magician is one year old now, and it has changed so much. I need to finish the first draft no matter what it looks like.

People on the internet joked that we are living in the darkest timeline. I’m sure there are darker ones than this. No matter what I put my characters through, I will always guarantee them a happy ending. Or at least a bittersweet one. Never a tragedy, because I don’t want to live in a tragedy.

This is my selfishness as a writer and worldbuilder. Now I want to live long enough to share the worlds in my head–with you.

Aurelia x

August 1, 2020

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