Short Story

CICADA Short Stories

Short stories set in the CICADA universe are standalone and can be read in any order, though some may be interconnected. Beware they are also tonally different. The world of CICADA is a mix of bleakness and dark humor. I’d say it’s part of the charm.

Okay, So what actually is CICADA?
CICADA is a cross-dimensional and interdisciplinary organization. Its main goal is the protection of humanity across timelines and alternative realities. The agency employs numerous agents for different assignments. The task may range from time-traveling to assassinate a target, to the research to cure a deadly plague, to fighting a galactical war.

The genres of these short stories may vary. But I’m largely sticking to Sci-fi and Fantasy. To narrow it down, Cyberpunk, Biopunk, Atompunk. All the punks.

Divine Intervention

Agent Kyan is assigned the mission to impersonate an alien goddess.

Glass Marbles

Doctor Calypso faces a troubled patient on a warring planet.

My Roommate Wants to Kill Me

A series of diary entries, written by an alien college student fearing for their life.

An Apple a Day

An alien assassin gets a human handler.

Operation Jurrasic Park

Earth’s cultural export plays a big role on the grand scale. Don’t take it too seriously.

Random Short Stories

Random short stories are just that. Random. They may be vignettes, somewhat literary, or simply just recordings of my dream.

Airy Head

A teenage mindreader attempts to decode a new classmate, and receive something unexpected.

Struck Dead

A writer working on his magnum opus has to face the end of the world.

Beijing Took Us Under

Fading, the narrator’s childhood memory gets fantastical. School life, subway, and there’s a dragon.

We Flew All The Way To Rushmore

Two winged people run away to Mt. Rushmore. Replace “run” with “fly”.

The Flowerhead Year

A teenager unexpectedly mutates, what becomes of her life now?

Space Station Michelangelo

A space station vendor confronts a pair of strange Terrans about their strange goods.